Washington Scenic Drives – Whidbey Scenic Isle Way: Part 1 (4K, 60FPS Video)

I recently found a list of scenic drives in Washington State, and last weekend I decided to start trying to go through them. The drive up Whidbey island seemed easily accessible from Seattle and looked to contain a number of stunning viewpoints, and so this was my first adventure! This post links to the video of the first part of this journey as it took around 6 hours including stops.

Part 1 starts with arriving at the Ferry port in Mukilteo which took me across to Clinton on Whidbey Island. I started out at around 6.20am as I recorded some downtown driving around Pike Place Market and the Space Needle before heading off on the main exploration. This video starts grey as it is still in the early(ish) morning. Throughout the day I am greeted by rain and stormy clouds but it ends up as a glorious, sunny spring day by the time I reach Deception Pass in the afternoon. That is all to come in later installments, but next I drove out of Clinton to the nearby tourist town of Langley, driving along the highstreet before carrying on my way to Meerkerk Gardens where I stopped to explore the over 4 miles of scenic nature trails. I hope to upload a walk around Meerkerk Gardens next, before carrying on with posts of this beautiful drive!

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