Downtown Seattle by Day (8K VR180 Video)

I recently shared my nighttime VR video of a Seattle street at night, and this is the companion piece filmed in the afternoon of the same day! The video was taken by extending the camera on a tripod out over the edge of my balcony and captures city life as cars and pedestrians move about below.

This video is also designed to be a relaxing sleep aid, but it is worth mentioning that those with a fear of heights might want to be careful! Personally, I found this one gives a sense of the height of the camera more than the nighttime video did. That said, you still get to people-watch as life passes by below you, and I still find that a relaxing experience.

This video was filmed in 8K, VR 180 on a Canon EOS R5 and can be seen best in the YouTube VR application available for VR headsets. If you view the video below, it will not provide the full 3D, VR experience – so please find my channel in the YouTube VR application on your headset for the full experience ( For those without a VR headset, the video can be panned around on mobile or laptop/desktop.

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