8K, VR 180 Video: Downtown Seattle at Night

I have been experimenting with taking some videos over the edge of my balcony recently. I have a horizontal tripod extension that means that I can extend my camera out into space – and as someone with an increasing fear of heights, this does get slightly alarming – but has made for some interesting videos.

These videos are designed to be relaxing, sleep-aid videos that show a slice of life so you can watch the world pass by from the comfort of your bed or sofa. This first video is a night time cityscape taken at around 1am – and as a note for fellow sufferers of vertigo, you can look down to see the floor below, but for myself I didn’t actually find this as troubling as I imagined it would be. If anything it makes my apartment not seem as high!

This video was filmed in 8K, VR 180 on a Canon EOS R5 and can be seen best in the YouTube VR application available for VR headsets. For some reason embedding it here does not enable viewing the video in actual 3D even using the headset browser options and it doesn’t seem possible to link directly to the YouTube VR application – therefore, while I am embedding it here, please find my channel in the YouTube VR application for the full experience (https://www.youtube.com/c/RelaxingVR). For those without a VR headset, the video can be panned around on mobile or laptop/desktop.

Please turn the quality up to maximum.

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