8K, VR 180 Video: Las Vegas Thunderstorm

While I was in Las Vegas for a conference last summer there was a thunderstorm – and, as I was stopped in Vegas on the way to move into an apartment in Seattle, I had all of my camera equipment with me. I took the opportunity to film the storm from out of the hotel window, with a view of Planet Hollywood and other towering hotels with their soft neon lighting. Rain blew past in gusts, obscuring distant hotels only to clear moments later, and the cars below battled through a foot of water on the road surface. Lightning filled the sky, and a monorail passed by below the window.

While it might not sound like it at first, I have found this quite a relaxing scene to watch in my VR headset before bed. There are no loud noises, only the soft roll of thunder and the patter of rain on the window.

This video was filmed in 8K, VR 180 on a Canon EOS R5 and can be seen best in the YouTube VR application available for VR headsets. For some reason embedding it here does not enable viewing the video in actual 3D even using the headset browser options and it doesn’t seem possible to link directly to the YouTube VR application – therefore, while I am embedding it here, please find my channel in the YouTube VR application for the full experience. For those without a VR headset, the video can be panned around on mobile or laptop/desktop.

Please turn the quality up to maximum.

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