Niest Point Lighthouse, Scotland

Walk date: April, 2022

My first week on the Isle of Skye was spent in a cottage in Lower Milovaig in Glendale right on the western tip. The last 30 minutes to an hour of the journey (depending on traffic) took place on single-lane roads dotted with pull-in places. Light pollution was at a minimum, and stars as well as passing ship lights were visible at night. If there had been enough rain, a waterfall could be seen from the garden.

A short drive to the other side of this headland was Niest Point lighthouse. The views just from the side of the road were stunning.

The view from the side of the road on the way to Niest point

The lighthouse itself was a 30-minute walk down a steep stairway, followed by climbing the opposite bank. On the other side of an up jutting shelf of land, Niest Point stood against a stormy sky and choppy waters.

Active since 1909, the building looks different from other lighthouses I’ve seen. A short, squat complex surrounds a relatively short tower. A rusted, red foghorn stands on its own pointing out to sea. After a brief squall, the sun came out once more showing off the dazzling blue of the sea, and the white foam of the waves.

I swapped to my VR lens once I had reached the crane shown in the last image above, so the VR images are in a different order, starting at the crane, back up to the lighthouse, before heading back towards where I started. Please click the image below to enjoy the VR experience:

VR Gallery – Niest Point Lighthouse

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