8K, VR 180 Video: Farr Beach, Scotland (With Ambisonics)

As part of my Scottish odyssey in 2022, I aimed to record 8K VR 180 videos in relaxing locations. Unfortunately this was immediately after buying a new camera, and I had some technological teething problems getting set up to record in 8K. The CFExpress card needed to record at this quality came within the last couple of days before I drove home, and there were only a couple of locations I managed to record at the highest resolution, so while a number of my photo galleries here are from this time, I do not have that many videos to share.

I was staying in a cottage near Bettyhill, not so far from John O’Groats, and Farr Beach was a short walk down a rather steep hill. As can be seen from the satellite map below, rocks on either side make it possible to get quite far out into the water when the tide is up. Puffins went about their business on the cliff face and it was far away from anyone on the beach. I love the sea, having grown up on the coast, and I find something unendingly calming about watching the waves and so this seemed like a perfect candidate for a relaxing VR video.

This video was filmed in 8K, VR 180 on a Canon EOS R5 and can be seen best in the YouTube VR application available for VR headsets. I recorded 360 audio from the location and direction of the camera, and produced this video using Ambisonics – meaning that the sounds you hear are changed depending on the way you move your head while using the headset. Unfortunately embedding the video here does not enable VR viewing (even with the browser options when the video is playing), and I have not managed to find a way to create a link that would open in the YouTube VR application – therefore, while I am embedding it here, please find my channel in the YouTube VR application for the full experience. For those without a VR headset, the video can be panned around on mobile or laptop/desktop.

Please turn the quality up to maximum.

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