4K 60FPS Video: Driving back to Downtown Seattle from SeaTac Airport

As an English person recently moved to America, I have been exploring as much as possible, and even normal drives still seem exotic to me! I made various attempts to film road trips with my Insta360 Evo VR camera in the past, and I always liked this as an idea for something immersive and relaxing – the view from the passenger seat on a long, steady drive – however, the Evo wasn’t high enough resolution for me, and the EOS R5 is too heavy for the equipment I have to mount on the passenger seat. While I decide on the best way to overcome this problem, I decided to film my explorations with a conventional camera mounted to the windscreen.

This journey shows the trip back into Seattle from the SeaTac airport. The drive takes you alongside the docks, and over a bridge with a view of the city skyline – including the Space Needle off in the distance – and the two large stadiums, before disappearing into a tunnel that takes you out into the heart of downtown.

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