Snoqualmie Falls, Washington

Walk Date: October, 2022

After living in downtown Seattle for a month, I have moved out to Redmond. My aim is to experience life in different areas in an attempt to figure out where I want to settle. Living in Redmond is how I am more used to experiencing the US – out in the suburbs where driving is far more necessary, but it is also much more motivating to get out into nature. A number of nearby trails caught my eye, and on the weekend shown here, I ventured to Snoqualmie Falls and then up to the summit at Snoqualmie (Which I realised when I got there was actually just a ski resort that was closed for Summer!)

Snoqualmie Falls from the upper viewpoint

The view shown here is easily accessible from the carpark. Within about 30 seconds you can reach a path along the cliff top looking out at the waterfall with the forest and river below. I imagine the Spa has seating with a close up view from the top – but as far as publicly accessible areas go, exploring further up the path just lead to fenced off power station infrastructure.

The walk down to the river was steep but short. It wound through the forest, showing off gnarled stumps while trees towered above.

Nearing the lower observation point, you pass more of the hydroelectric plant infrastructure, large rusting pipes dissapear up the side of the hill that you have just descended. The lower viewpoint looks back up towards the waterfall from the river and can be seen in the headline image. The view across the river is shown below.

The VR gallery below contains images from similar spots to those above, and enables you to experience the feeling of standing in these locations. If you don’t have a VR headset, the gallery can also be viewed on non-VR devices such as a mobile phone or laptop which will allow you to pan around the images. For a helpful guide on navigating the images in the VR gallery, please see the tips pinned to the left-hand side, or follow the link to the How To page. This gallery contains 12 images and will loop when you get to the end. Please click the image below to enjoy the VR experience:

VR Gallery – Snoqualmie Falls

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