Rock Canyon, Utah

Walk Date: November, 2022

I have been on a bit of hiatus as I recently moved in with family in Utah while waiting to start a new lease for an apartment in Seattle. Things have been slightly hectic trying to get everything prepared and this hasn’t left much time for taking VR photos or uploading new blog posts! There is a walk nearby up Rock Canyon, and after this break, I have decided to return with 3 posts from the same place!

A Trail to the Side of Rock Canyon

The image above shows the parking at Rock Canyon and the stunning view – which is the reason why I have returned here so many times, and is also why I am attempting to bring 3 posts from this same location. The view is out to Utah Lake with hills in the background over sprawling suburbs, and this trail is also surrounded by mountains. This first post comes from the end of November, when I walked up a side path which gave views out across the town, as well as of the mountains to the side. Autumn is fully underway stripping leaves from the trees or turning them brown. The second post will be from a walk up the main trail after a heavy snowfall from the very beginning of December, and the final post is a little more.. experimental. Each time I walked an hour or so before sunset, and as the sun set I thoroughly enjoyed taking pictures showing the bare branches of the trees or the outlines of the rocks almost completely black, and silhoutted against the sky. Given that these galleries are primarily here to be viewed in VR, I feel that these darker shots might be more of an aquired taste, and so I am saving them for this separate, third gallery.

For this first walk I spent most of my time following a side route, which means that I did not manage to get very far up the main trail itself. By the time I starting to make my way to the canyon, sunset was not far off, and the golden hour spread orange, surreal lighting with stark shadows.

I will end the 2D photographs with a zoomed in picture showing the sky, orange from the setting sun with the lake and hills, beautiful in the distance.

The VR gallery below follows a similar route to that shown above, and will allow you to experience the feeling of visiting Rock Canyon. If you don’t have a VR headset, the gallery can also be viewed on non-VR devices such as a mobile phone or laptop which will allow you to pan around the images. For a helpful guide on navigating the images in the VR gallery, please see the tips pinned to the left-hand side, or follow the link to the How To page. This gallery contains 17 images and will loop when you get to the end. Please click the image below to enjoy the VR experience:

VR Gallery – Rock Canyon

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