Coral Beach, Isle of Skye

Walk Date: April, 2022

The Isle of Skye was the first place I went out with my new VR lens, so I was still learning and mainly taking video rather than photographs when I visited. Unfortunately, that means that on looking through, I only had 1 VR photograph of Coral Beach that was worth sharing – however, it was such a lovely location that I managed to catch with the most amazing lighting that I wanted to share it anyway, along with the 2D photos and video. That means this is another sort of bonus VR gallery.

It is hard to make out, even on the 2D images, but a sailing ship was visible on the horizon, with 3 masts standing out against the sun.

Metal framework along the shore

Coral Beach was a short drive from where I was staying, driving around Loch Dunvegan, and I went there when I was recuperating between longer day trips. I went in the evening, with no great expectations, but I arrive at the amazing crescent of beach when it was completely empty with the setting sun soon to bathe everything in an incredible orange glow.

Coral Beach

The images below show the walk from the car park alongside a stony beach which I initially thought was Coral Beach itself! I am incredibly glad I persevered, and this entire evening was one of the most memorable – especially as I had not seen it as one of the more major trips out.

I made it to Coral Beach when it was completely empty – it is amazing to find locations like this that just exist whether anyone is there to enjoy them or not. Thinking of these views going unseen day after day. The following is a 4K video I took that is in 2D, please be sure to change the quality to the highest setting to see it at its best:

And finally, the VR experience of standing on this beautiful beach. If you don’t have a headset, you can view the gallery on a mobile or in the browser which will still allow you to pan 180 degrees. The gallery contains only 1 image:

VR Gallery – Coral Beach

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